Our Clubs Programme

Our Clubs program has been designed to expose students to new and interesting learning opportunities across a broad and planned curriculum. Staff, parents and community members share their knowledge, experience, talents and passions with our children, supporting each child to develop their own passions and strengths and experience something new.  Children have some choice about which clubs they participate in, within guidelines that ensure they have a broad and balanced coverage of the curriculum.  All our clubs are based with the 8 learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum.


Past Club options have included drama, robotics, creative writing, Minecraft, coding, sewing, debating, sport, Japanese, Spanish, radio, enviro club, cake decorating, bushcraft, trees for survival, food technology, embroidery, BP Science Challenge, sport, Trash to Fashion and photography.

Our photography club has been in the media spotlight several times during their five major exhibitions at the Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa.  Their most recent project, InstaGran, featured at the gallery in September 2016.

Your Input Needed!

Photography Blog
2015 Exhibition 

We need your help

Our Clubs programme relies heavily on the support of our parents and community.  It requires time, commitment and a willingness to share.  We have been extremely thankful of all our amazing parents and community who have been prepared to step up and share their passion and talents with our kids.  If you would like the opportunity to get more involved in your child's learning; if you can spare an hour or so on a weekly basis; if you would be keen to share your skills and experience with a small group of enthusiastic learners and if you would like to make a real difference, please let us know.  We'd absolutely love to hear from you.

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