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Our Reggio inspired Learning Through Experience programme, enables each student to direct their own learning based around their own interests - and each teacher to encourage and nurture a life long enthusiasm for (and love of) learning in every student.  


Student led learning is the reverse to teacher led Inquiry learning.


What is Reggio inspired learning?


As active participants, each student directs their own learning.


Students are allowed to follow their own interests. 


The teacher observes and notices what the student is interested in and then works with them to facilitate their further learning in this area. 


Teachers develop general goals and predict student’s responses to activities and projects so that they can prepare the environment - then the student takes over and the curriculum emerges. 


Through a Reggio approach much of the curriculum takes the form of projects, and those projects may come from students or teachers; sometimes, an event or a problem may result in a project.


Projects are actually intensive constructions of knowledge - studies are conducted by students while guided by adults, or adult resources.

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