Fair, Feast and Fireworks!

Its all action stations for our Annual Feast, Fair and... Laserlight Show!

Calendars at the ready - circle 4th May- add 3:00pm and we can't wait to see you there!


Our annual Fair, Feast and Fireworks- um Laserlight Show night has a strong history amongst our Ahuroa, Puhoi and wider communities. As well as being a fantastic family night out, it is our biggest fundraising event. 

Usually held in March, this event requires as many willing hands on deck as possible to ensure its success. We'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you for your involvement in any past, present and future Fairs - you all seriously rock!

In the coming years we plan to finish the terraced seating by the court by adding some well needed shade, thereby turning it into a really usable space for watching sport and hanging out in breaks; create an exciting outdoor classroom with a natural exploratory space between the big Ti Trees on the slope up to the classrooms.  


How much of these we can do, and when, largely depends on the success and support of our Fair, Feast and Fireworks night. 

For further information please contact our PTFA on ptfa@ahuroa.school.nz

Many thanks to all our local businesses that support us.

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