Our Seniors and Intermediates

Our year 5 and 6 seniors and and our year 7 and 8 intermediates, Berger whānau, are taught by Jessica Hanlon. Our senior programme is designed to prepare our students for their future years, whatever that may be. 


Students are provided with a strong, more traditional model of learning in Reading, Writing and Maths. While working using individual timetables that allow them to choose when they do independent tasks helping develop ownership of learning and time management skills. 


Daily and weekly expectations, based on their curriculum learning, with clear success criteria and reasons for learning are set. Teacher sessions are designed to scaffold students into new learning, provide opportunities for them to ask questions, and to go over completed work.  The student chooses what to work on during the day when they are not involved in sessions with the teacher.


Digital technology is a tool to be used to enhance learning, a tool for practising new skills, researching and publishing using a range of media.  Students use Google classrooms as part of their daily timetable.  Work expectations are posted on google classrooms and students share their work with the teacher, families and others in the class.

Other curriculum areas are covered throughout the school year, in more creative and student driven ways, with a focus on taking the learning outside the 4 walls of the classroom.


All our classes merge regularly to enable opportunities for a variety friendships to blossom without the restrictions of age, and allowing opportunities for positive peer mentoring and role modelling.