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Our Classrooms

We have three classrooms. All our classrooms are designed to inspire learning and encourage collaboration while catering for the individual needs of our students.  We strive to provide a QLE (quality learning environment) within each classroom, however we believe that our "outdoor classroom," found within our wider community, provides a much more effective QLE for our students.

Our Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities include a swimming pool, an adventure playground, a grass sports field and an all weather astroturf court. Our swimming pool is open to our families and community outside of school hours. Keys are $80 per family for the summer season.

Our Technology Room

Our purpose-fitted technology room includes a full kitchen, two large movable stainless steel work benches, purpose built shelving to store equipment and materials for fabric and textiles, art and hard-tech (including wood and metal tech). It also includes storage areas for IT equipment (including a class set of NXT Lego Robotics).

Our Outdoor Classrooms

We strongly believe learning should not be constricted to the four walls of the classroom and strive to make full use of invaluable resources available to us in both our local and wider communities. With school as 'base camp', learning experiences can extend past the boundaries of place, time, age and methods of learning. Our amazing community have helped us create our own personal outdoor classroom. One where a sense of peace and belonging flow between classroom and nature.

Our Community Hall

Since its opening over 100 years ago (1911) the Ahuroa Hall has been a treasured and valued asset to our community and school.  As well as being the central meeting point for our community, it is used regularly by our school for prizegiving, kapa haka, dance, school production, concerts, and more.  We are also very fortunate to be able to fully utilise the hall carpark which provides much needed parking space for our parents and staff.  The recent addition of an adjoining footpath, has been very much appreciated.

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