Our Middles

Our  year 2 to 4 "middles", Turnwald whānau, are taught by Kym Powell.


For these students, focus lies on creating greater independence. Our "middles" programme revolves around enabling the students to implement the tools of their learning - Reading, Writing and Mathematics, to further enhance their understanding of the world around them.

During the earlier formative years, focus lies heavily on learning to read, write and count, once these skills have been mastered the focus changes to using the tools and making more meaning of what the students encounter.


Our "middles" programme is heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilio approach, which is based on sharing provocations with students and then allowing them to explore their understandings.


Our students also use a Discovery approach and spend time developing their understanding of a particular interest. Discovery, which runs throughout the school, allows students to follow their own interests whilst applying an Inquiry model to further develop their understanding.


Preparing students to be effective members of our local and global community