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Our innovative, country school is one of the best little schools in NZ and we are incredibly proud of it. We are nestled in the picturesque Ahuroa Valley, just a 15 minute drive from Puhoi or Warkworth. We offer a relaxed and peaceful environment where learning is tailored to the individual needs of each student, with a nurturing and caring approach. Families are recognised as being vital and active partners in student’s daily learning, and the entire community is recognised as the learning environment.

Catering for students from Year 1 through to 8, we offer excellent teacher to pupil ratios and significant one to one support.  We promote academic excellence in reading, writing and maths, however we believe learning should not be constrained to the four walls of the classroom and we provide our students with many opportunities for real life learning experiences outside of the classroom.

One of the first things that strikes visitors to our school is the welcoming and positive atmosphere. Students are strongly encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate each other’s differences, and support each other’s weaknesses. We have an open door policy; parents and families are welcomed and encouraged to visit and share in their child’s learning at any time.

Give us a call or pop in - we’d love to meet you.


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One of the first things we noticed, and have grown to love, about Ahuroa School is the openness and friendliness of the staff and children. There really is a feeling of family and being looked after by the whole school....we have found Ahuroa School to have a huge heart with so much to offer our children in becoming well-rounded individuals and enjoying their childhood in such a happy, secure, and nurturing environment."


...When quizzed on what the best bits of Ahuroa School were, our children said 'it wasn't like any other school, the teachers would have conversations with the children and become quite good friends with them, AND you were allowed to climb trees!' In response to the school's approach to learning; 'we were actually learning and not being force-fed dead facts. A lot of that was down to the teachers'. On being questioned what they from being at Ahuroa School, they replied variously, 'I learnt how to make friends', 'I learnt how to be patient and understanding with little kids', and 'I discovered that school can be fun, interesting, and a bit flexible without compromising our acquisition of knowledge and skills'..."


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Since coming to Ahuroa School, my children have been given the opportunity to grow both socially and educationally. The teachers are so approachable, I feel I can always talk to them and find out how my children are doing and, due to the size of the school and classes, I know that they are always aware of my children as individuals instead of just part of a class. Its small size and unique setting create and ideal environment for children to feel safe and secure in. My children have been supported to find solutions to problems and have been given the tools to deal with situations on their own, and I feel that this has provided an important skill set that my children may not have otherwise learnt..."

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...What a fabulous choice it has been. We love watching our son grow in confidence, curiosity, and ability - all of which are undoubtedly supported and encouraged by the wonderful staff and vast experiences provided by Ahuroa School. We truely value how Ahuroa School stretches his thinking and abilities, but also allows him the freedom to just be a child. As for our second child, the Four Year Old Friday visits - we don't know of any other school that does this - have been invaluable in making her already feel very much part of the school, which of course will make the transition to full-time schooling so much easier. The way we see it, teachers that can manage to make their pupils look forward to a day at school are blessed with a true gift, how fortunate for us to have that gift right here in our community."



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